Steps to Owning a Wind System

  1. Read the FAQ page to see if a wind generator is right for you
  2. Perform an internet based check to see if you have enough wind (here)
  3. Locate a turbine site on your property
  4. Gather your most recent electric bill and a plot plan
  5. Call GRWP for a site assessment and GRWP will:
    • Meet with you to discuss the possibilities;
    • Determine the best location at your site;
    • Assess your wind resource;
    • Provide a simple cost vs production analysis:
    • Recommend a wind energy system;
    • Provide an estimate for the recommended system.
  6. Have an energy audit performed by a reputable local company
  7. Talk to your neighbors. Its best to let people know of your plans
  8. Apply for a building permit
  9. Contract GRWP to install your system and we will provide a complete turn-key service including the following:
  10. Acquire certificate of completion from building inspector and NSTAR
  11. Send in the project completion form to the MTC for your rebate
  12. Arrange to sell your renewable energy credits

Great Rock Windpower offers site assessment which includes a system recommendation and an estimate. We also provided guidance for permitting as well as sales, installation and service. Call us to arrange your site assessment. 508-693-7414