Economics (why not solar?)

By installing a wind turbine now you are buying clean energy in advance. The price is locked so increases in utility rates only help to speed your payback time. Rebates grants and tax credits make it even more attractive and can reduce the cost by as much as 60%.

Why wind instead of solar PV?

More power with less money using wind.

Photovoltaic technology has gone mainstream over the last couple years as the price of equipment has decreased, and affordable financing options have become readily available. But the simple fact is that a well-sited quality wind turbine produces more power for less money than a solar pv system. Besides…Wind turbines are just more fun to watch than solar pv and they provide a more exciting learning opportunity


Wind power is economically sustainable and our current source, electricity from coal is not.  Juice from coal costs more than it appears. $.18 more per kiloWatt according to a very recent Harvard Study