A wind turbine must have a clear shot at the wind to perform efficiently. Turbulence reduces performance and works the turbine harder than smooth air. Turbulence is highest close to the ground and diminishes with height. Also, wind speed increases with height above the ground. As a general rule of thumb, you should install a wind turbine on a tower such that it is at the very least 30ft above any obstacles within 300 ft. We do not recommend mounting wind turbines to residential buildings because of the inherent problems of wind shear, turbulence, and vibration.


The most practical tower type is a tilt up tube tower supportd by guy wires. These towers are hinged at their base and equipped to allow them to be tilted up or down using a winch or vehicle. This allows all work to be done at ground level and the turbine to be lowered for maintenance or in case of a hurricane.

105′ Tilt-up Tube Towers


Free standing lattice towers take up less ground space but they are also more expensive and more visable . Monoploles are more attractive but add more expense.

Free Standing Lattice 120'

Monopole 120'