Small Wind Turbines

Endurance S250

Endurance S343


The “right” small wind turbine for you depends on your electric use, your site and wind resource. We like to use tilt up towers where possible to ease installation and maintenance as well as consuming fewer resouces for construction. We also like the fact that the guy wires and tower on a tilt up are barely visable from a distance.









For most homeowners we recommend the Endurance S343 because in a good wind resource it will generate as much electricity as the average home needs. It is also quiet enough to be installed within 300′ of nearby residences. If your neighbors are into renewable energy it can be even closer. I have 3 neighbors within 100′ of my S250 and I have never heard one complaint from them. They are true supporters of renewable energy!

Rebates and tax credits for the S343 can be as much as 60% of the total cost.

Our experience with the Endurance gives us great confidence in both the machines and the company behind them.



Endurance E3120 on 120' a lattice tower

For farms, schools and businesses we recommend the Endurance E-3120.

The 50kW wind turbine shown here provides clean electricity for use at the Morning Glory Farm Stand. It generates over 100,000 kW hours annually which is about 75% of the farms total electricity requirement. The farm received a grant from the USDA as well as a grant from the Mass. Clean Energy Center . Add to that a federal tax credit of 30% and this turbine should pay for itself in about two years which will help keep the Morning Glory Farm sustainable and profitable well into the future.