New Life for an Old Tower


This tower in Hyannis previously held a beta release 15kW Proven wind turbine. Unfortunately that “unproven” machine didn’t survive the harsh environment that wind turbines are naturaly exposed to and it failed during a storm in 2010. After years of zoning and permitting hearing and more red tape than you could imagine. She finally went up […]

Allen Farm Tower Climb

This is a 6 minute video of what it feels like going up, in and back down a 120′ 50 kW wind turbine.

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Allen Farm sees into the future from the past


Wind is energizing the future of Allen Farm

Wind power is ugly ?

Twins in Yorkshire

Two Endurance 55's at a potato farm in Yorkshire

These two Endurance E3120s are providing clean energy for a potato farm in Yorkshire, England. Gary was there to assist with the install and commissioning with Earthmill LTD. The UK has a great incentive program through feed in tarriffs and they are installing turbines at a fantastic pace. We really need to push for incentives […]

Sustainable Agriculture and Wind Energy

Morning Glory Install - 14

The Endurance wind turbine at Morning Glory Farm produces an average of 9,000 kW hours of clean energy each month, reducing the farms energy costs and providing clean sustainable energy for the family run farm stand.

Upgrading to an Endurance S250 from an African Windpower 1.8 in Arkport NY

Arkport Install9

Tyler Studds and Gary Harcourt helping Windward Engineers Dean Davis and David Laino with a wind project installed by Four Winds Renewable Energy

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343 Loves a Noreaster


An Endurance S 343 cranking out clean energy on a nasty fall day. Click the photo to play the video!

Tilting up an Endurance S-250


Short video of tilting up and down and Endurance S-350

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Endurance S-250 Running on MV


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