This tower in Hyannis previously held a beta release 15kW Proven wind turbine. Unfortunately that “unproven” machine didn’t survive the harsh environment that wind turbines are naturaly exposed to and it failed during a storm in 2010. After years of zoning and permitting hearing and more red tape than you could imagine. She finally went up in 2015. Here’s a photo of the machine just after the crane set her on top and the young lads getting it all finished up tower.IMG_8648

Holy Canoli

2015 Energy Totals

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The weather this January was just plain bad.

It seems like the worst one that we’ve ever had.

It was lousy for driving, stinky for biking, crappy for walking, and nasty for hiking.

The rain was so cold, that sometimes it froze. It would stick to the pavement and frost up your nose.

But the wind was the worst, it made everything chili, except for that contest which is always quite silly.

The only concession I find in this cold, is the energy made by this group that is bold.

When I think what we’ve all done together I boast, and one day we must all raise a glass in a toast.

I’m all out of rhymes but I’m still pretty psyched about the fact that BOTH E series turbines set records this January and everyone else made juice by the ferryboat load. Don’t be fooled by the Kohlberg number as it was read a bit late 😉

February was off to a slow start but now seems to be making up for lost time this past week.

Kathryn and I are currently working in Italy and quite happy to be away from the snow, especially knowing that our trusty little S series is working hard for us at home.

By my calculations, as a group we have offset the burning of 4,248 tons of coal! Thats about 42 rail cars full of coal that weren’t mined, weren’t transported by boat to fall river and didn’t get burned and settle out over our land and water.



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Small Wind  and  Energy Subsidies

All forms of electricity are currently subsidized and it is not a simple task to flesh out the details. Distributed wind energy is a good investment with or without subsidy. By incentivizing distributed wind, our government is leveling the playing field and investing in a sustainable future and a sustainable economy.

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Looks like 2013 was back to normal for wind energy production on MV though if I had to guess I would say that there might have been more time at lower wind speeds and pretty decent south shore winds compared to normal. The explanation for that theory would be a long story and I will spare you all from that.

For the annual chart I have overlaid three different items. The background chart in Green includes all turbines for the last 5 years. Some obviously haven’t been up for 5 years so they have fewer bars and some are less than a full year at the outset. In this chart you can see the dramatic difference in energy production between the large machines and the smaller ones but since I show them at 1/10th scale all year I thought it only fitting to show the reality here. Dark bars and text are 2013.
The blue inset chart shows the smaller turbines at a better scale with the E3120’s off the chart and you can see that most turbines did better in 2013 than in 2012.
The inset pie chart shows the percentage of electricity each machine made as part of our group effort for 2013.
Raising a glass to 2014, watching the trees thrash around outside, and it looks like January will be a good month, not only for sighting snowy owls but also for wind energy.

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December looks like it was average or even low except on the north slopes where the Allen Farm and Bramhall turbines had a good month.

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We Finally had some good fall winds in November. After a lackluster October, November filled in nicely. Appears to have been an average November but far better than last year. All turbines did well this month, though there was no report for two machines so they are showing zero for the time being. December started off slow but seems to be making up for lost time so I am looking forward to the year end report.

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Not very windy until halloween


Comparing October 2011 & 2012 to 2013 it is clear that this year we had little wind in October. That said, all machines are running nicely and ready for a cranking November. Halloween brought some nice warm wind and it looks like the next couple of days will bring some strong winds to generate some juice as well.

I loved going to the pumpkin festival at Morning Glory and seeing hundreds and hundreds of people milling about, listening to music, eating, dancing and having a great time, all the while e11 spun along in the background doing what she does best, keeping it green!

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May 2013 Production Chart


While May wasn’t really a great month for wind , we still outpaced May 2012. The background photo for the monthly comparison chart is of the Snider’s Eoltec Scirocco being raised at its new home on the Bristol Community College campus. It will be used as an educational tool for their new renewable energy program. Stay tuned for the June report which is going to be a nice change of pace. My guess is that June 2013 will be a record setter for energy production in what is usually a fairly quiet month.

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