January’s Chilliness is Offset by it Energy!

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The weather this January was just plain bad.

It seems like the worst one that we’ve ever had.

It was lousy for driving, stinky for biking, crappy for walking, and nasty for hiking.

The rain was so cold, that sometimes it froze. It would stick to the pavement and frost up your nose.

But the wind was the worst, it made everything chili, except for that contest which is always quite silly.

The only concession I find in this cold, is the energy made by this group that is bold.

When I think what we’ve all done together I boast, and one day we must all raise a glass in a toast.

I’m all out of rhymes but I’m still pretty psyched about the fact that BOTH E series turbines set records this January and everyone else made juice by the ferryboat load. Don’t be fooled by the Kohlberg number as it was read a bit late 😉

February was off to a slow start but now seems to be making up for lost time this past week.

Kathryn and I are currently working in Italy and quite happy to be away from the snow, especially knowing that our trusty little S series is working hard for us at home.

By my calculations, as a group we have offset the burning of 4,248 tons of coal! Thats about 42 rail cars full of coal that weren’t mined, weren’t transported by boat to fall river and didn’t get burned and settle out over our land and water.



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