Allen Farm Tower Climb

This is a 6 minute video of what it feels like going up, in and back down a 120′ 50 kW wind turbine.

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Clean Energy for a new age home

    This recently installed Endurance S343 5 kW wind turbine will generate electricity for this new home’s ground source heat pump as well as all the typical domestic electric use. The home and turbine are located in West Tisbury MA on Martha’s Vineyard. The turbine runs quiet and smooth sited well above the tree […]

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January Generates!

The Allen Farm and Fielder turbines both hit the chart this month. Fielders S343 started off nicely with a partial month and the Allen Farm E3120 saw its first full month. The 50% more that it generated in January is a testament to a good wind site. 17,973 kWh is a new record for a […]

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