Production was down but things are looking up!

Production chart for GRWP turbines

First, the bad news. Production was down an average 23% for 2011 as compared with 2010. December alone was down 52% among the group.

But here is some good news. For some reason the Kohlberg’s 343 made 5% more energy this year AND… because MorningGlory’s 3120 was only on for half the year in 2010, as a collective we generated 30% more energy in 2011 than 2010!

Want even more good news? The Allen Farm’s turbine is 100% on line as of last Thursday and with it and the Fielders 343 I expect our collective generation to double in 2012! I expect the Fielder’s 343 to be sanctioned by NSTAR in January.

OK OK I know thats exciting stuff and now we can even add that FINALY this December, 24 years after the clean air act was signed into law, new rules to specifically cut mercury and arsenic emissions (mainly from Coal electric plants) were signed into law by the president. The EPA says that the new rules could have public health benefits ranging from $53 to $140 billion, while imposing costs of $11 billion. Electricity prices will likely rise but it will make renewables even more valuable.



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