Mining Coal, Mounting Costs

The Harvard Medical School has just released a study regarding the true costs of coal. Most poignantly it states that the best estimate for the additional expenses not attributed to electricity generation from coal, costs Americans 18 cents more per kW hour.

Climate Change is Here Now

  Climate change is a global problem that will affect us first and hit us the hardest. Read this outstanding Gazette Commentary

VA Finally cuts the ribbon

Photos - 1837

We installed this Endurance E3120 in early September and commissioned her on September 20th. The turbine sat idle all winter while the VA and NSTAR worked out their differences with regard to the interconnection agreement. We were allowed to turn her on again in March and then this past Friday on Earth Day the secretary […]

Sustainable Agriculture and Wind Energy

Morning Glory Install - 14

The Endurance wind turbine at Morning Glory Farm produces an average of 9,000 kW hours of clean energy each month, reducing the farms energy costs and providing clean sustainable energy for the family run farm stand.

Energy Subsidies

Tired of hearing how wind power only works if it’s subsidized? Me too!

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Upgrading to an Endurance S250 from an African Windpower 1.8 in Arkport NY

Arkport Install9

Tyler Studds and Gary Harcourt helping Windward Engineers Dean Davis and David Laino with a wind project installed by Four Winds Renewable Energy

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343 Loves a Noreaster


An Endurance S 343 cranking out clean energy on a nasty fall day. Click the photo to play the video!

Tilting up an Endurance S-250


Short video of tilting up and down and Endurance S-350

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Endurance S-250 Running on MV


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Endurance Windpower


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